Annual Business Meeting of the Association – Meeting Minutes

Annual Business Meeting of the Association – Meeting Minutes

58th Year of the Association
31st Year of Non-Profit Incorporation

Friday October 21, 2016
12:30-1:45 pm
Double Tree Hotel - Burlington
Salon ABCG

Present: Catherine Lavigne, Maggie McGlynn, Hope Morris, Elizabeth Whitcomb, Michelle Davis, Susan Kimmerly, Stacy Jordan.

  • 12:30-12:45  Secretary: Sharon Cote (Claudia Abbiati – substitute secretary)

- Approval of  October 2015 Annual Business Meeting Minutes (vote): Motioned by Susan Kimmerly. Seconded by Monica Menard. All in favor; no opposition. Motion passed.


  • 12:45-1:15  Annual Reports

President Elect & Interim Treasurer: Monica Menard

- Catherine Lavigne (immediate past president) and I have been working together this past year.

- The 2016 VSHA Summer Retreat focused on developing a Strategic Plan with the help of Susan Adams (ASHA).

- New VSHA mission: “to serve the needs of professionals who deal with communication disorders through professional development, advocacy and colleagueship”.                                                            

- As interim treasure, I inform the Board about current income and expenses, as well as monitor our budget with the actual monies spent.


Membership Chairperson: Maggie McGlynn

- Approaching membership goals, specifically the number of VSHA members.


Programs Chairperson: Hope Morris

- Thank you for patience and flexibility, especially regarding Dr. Bell, who was unable to present during the conference. Information to come regarding future Dr. Bell presentations in VT.

- Strived to offer a conference that would be of beneficial for all members, SLPs and Audiologists across settings.

- Thank you to Betsy Baker for organizing CEUs and Stacy Jordan for planning/ coordinating.


Public Relations Chairperson: Elizabeth Whitcomb

- Coordinated with members and board members to distribute relevant information via multiple media avenues (i.e., website, facebook, enews, monthly newsletter).

- Thank you to Krista Shea (committee member) for help & support.


School Affairs Chair/State Education Advocacy Leader (SEAL): Michelle Davis

- Regional Meetings: Organized 7 regional meetings in 2016. The purpose of these meetings is to: connect with colleagues for professional support, socializing, and sharing ideas about VSHA.

- Self-advocacy: As part of the Strategic Plan, we plan to (1) review ASHA resources related to school-based advocacy, (2) survey members about school-based issues, & (3) share information during next year’s VSHA Conference.                                     

- The ASHA Connect Conference (2016): This year the former ASHA's Schools conference and the Health Care & Business Institute were joined, and people could attend any session they were interested in.


State Advocate for Reimbursement ★: Linda Hazard

- Nothing to report. Not present.


State Advocate for Medicare Policy (StAMP): Lakshmi Joshi Boyle

- No report. Not present.


ASHA SLP Advisory Council Rep: Susan Kimmerly

- Council Rep term expires Dec 6, 2016.

- Training for advocacy in Washington, DC. Involves:

(a)   Meeting with reps/ elected officials

(b)   Learning about strategic pathways.

©   National office updates.

(d)   Membership, volunteer, leadership, & healthcare

- Long-term goal: Obtain a license in one state would be applicable in other states.

- Telepractice input.

- Update: certification board for ABA changed their standards. SLP master’s degree is not enough. More training required.


ASHA AUD Advisory Council Rep: Stacy Jordan

- Starting 2nd year of 3 year term.

- Hot topics: over the counter hearing aids, practicing at the top of your license, interprofessional approach to serving clients/patients, how ASHA/ AAA/ ADA are unifying to determine how issues are to be handled.


  • 1:15-1:30  Old Business:


- Fall election resulted in new executive board members: Betsy Baker (Programs Chair), Wendy Chace (Treasurer), & Claudia Abbiati (School Affairs). Sharon Cote will be joining the board as Secretary for her 3rd term.

- Monica Menard will take over as VSHA president January 1, 2017.

- Recognition of outgoing members: Michelle Davis (School Affairs), Hope Morris & Stacy Jordan (Program Committee).

- One bylaws change: Updated missions statement voted in by the board.


  • 1:30-1:45  New Business:


Legislative Chair/ Immediate Past President: Lisa Durstin

Current Status:

Non-school based SLPs in VT who work in settings other than schools (e.g., hospitals, private practice, skilled nursing facilities, etc.) need to obtain a clinical license only from the Office of Professional Regulation. School-based SLPs in VT need to go through both OPR and the AOE to obtain two licenses to work in a school. This does not include SLPs who are contracted to work in schools.


(1)  Office of Professional Regulation (OPR):

Transitional period; No charge for initial OPR license for SLPs already holding an educational endorsement by the VT Agency of Education; 2-year term

Renewal; after initial 2-year term; $100 renewal fee;

Initial license application for a new grad or a new to Vermont SLP; fee $100


(2) Agency of Education (AOE)

Level I license, 3-year term, $200

Level II License (those SLPs who have worked under an AOE educational endorsement for 3 or more years), 5-year term, $300


Collin Benjamin, OPR director, said SLP licensure will come up again at the beginning of the next legislative session. Outcomes may be influenced by 2016 election results. Contact Lisa Durstin to become involved.


  • Next Annual Meeting of the Association in 2017:

Projected: Friday, October 21th, 2017 (exact time TBD)
Projected: Montpelier (exact conference location TBD)

VSHA Board Members and ASHA Liaisons & Reps share annual reports
Results of fall election are announced to membership. 

1:35pm: Lisa Durstin motioned to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Wendy Chace. All in favor; no opposition.

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