VSHA Project Grants Application

The Vermont Speech-Language-Hearing Association (VSHA) invites members to submit annual grant proposals for speech-language pathology and/or audiology activities that enhance positive outcomes for individuals with communication disorders. The following grants are available annually:

  1. Grant with a focus on an early intervention or a school-based population;
  2. Grant with a focus on a medical population (e.g. hospital, home health, nursing home, rehabilitation).

Funds up to $500 may be requested for equipment, materials and/or training needs or continuing education for the applicant. VSHA will award grants based on the extent to which it believes the use of the funds will enhance the applicant's practice and benefit the population served.

Applicants must be licensed in Vermont and a member of VSHA in good standing for a minimum of one year prior to applying.

Funding for these grants is provided by revenues generated by VSHA.

Present members of the VSHA Executive Board and VSHA Liaisons to ASHA are ineligible.

Applicants must submit the following:

1. Letter of Intent - Please include the following:

  • Clearly stated project objective(s)
  • Why you are pursuing the proposed project and how the project fits into your current professional work
  • Indicate if and to what extent your place of employment or any other organization will also be supporting the proposed project.
  • The relevance of the project to speech-language pathology and/or audiology, including its interdisciplinary focus, connection to evidence-based practice, and potential for impact on human communication and its disorders
  • Detailed account of the project design, including activities, timeline, and budget allocation of up to $500 for specific items
  • Explicit statement of how the objective(s) will be measured
  • Indication of the facilities, resources, personnel, clients, etc. to which you would have access in order to carry out the activities described in the proposal
  • Ability to complete proposed project within a one-year period

 2. Brief Biographical Sketch (Please limit to 1 page)

 3. Letter of Support

  • Submit a letter form your current supervisor in your employment setting that includes a statement of support and also assurance that the proposed project will not present a conflict of interest with your current responsibilities and commitments.

Project End Report

Grant recipients are required to submit a brief summary of their project outcome to the VSHA Board no later than one calendar year from the date of the award. The summary should include the project objective(s), course of activities, evaluation outcome and benefits to the professional's practice. VSHA may publish grantee names and project synopses in future association newsletters and/or as part of historical listing of past grant recipients.

Please submit application materials by July 1st via email to